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  • Thursday, 18 September 2014 10:13

    Fly of the Month – Pat’s Sow Scud

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    by Pat Neuner, Wapsi Product Development Manager  I’ve had success with this pattern all across the country wherever scuds and sow bugs are a primary food source for trout.  Here are the steps to tying the fly: Insert a heavy wire nymph hook into the vise and wrap the hook shank with .020 wire as Continue Reading...

  • Thursday, 18 September 2014 09:52

    Ostrich Herl – Material of the Month

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    Ray Charles

     One of my favorite fly tying materials,by Pat Neuner, Wapsi Product Development Manager. Every fly tyer has at least one fly tying material that they would feel feel naked without.  For me that material is Ostrich Herl. Sure ostrich herl has been around for a long time, and most of us probably have some tucked away Continue Reading...