Anglers Image® Floatants

  • Designed by chemists for optimum performance
  • Unique upside down bottle easily attaches to a zinger
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic

A complete offering of the best fly floatants made!

Anglers Image Super Float Anglers Image® Super Float was designed to float large dry flies and strike indicators higher than any other liquid floatant. It is all-natural, water insoluble, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Super Float can be applied to the fly just prior to casting but one neat trick is to apply it to your fly at the fly tying bench. Because it is long lasting, evaporates very little, and does not leave an oily residue, your flies and indicators can be pre-treated with it prior to fishing. Super Float is also thermally stable meaning that it will not harden in cold weather or become too thin in hot temperatures. The unique upside down hanging bottle attaches to a zinger or D-ring for easy dispensing.
Anglers Image® Super CDC is the only silicone based fly floatant designed specifically for CDC flies. Unlike traditional silicone floatant, Super CDC will not mat delicate CDC hackle. Unlike CDC oils it will not run creating an unsightly “oil slick” on the water. In addition to CDC flies it is excellent for small dry flies of all types. Like Super Float it is safe to the environment, non-toxic, temperature stable, etc. Anglers Image Super CDC
Anglers Image Everclear Floatant Anglers Image® Everclear Floatant has been a favorite of anglers worldwide for years. It is a non-toxic, silicone based floatant that does not leave an “oil slick” on the water. Thermally stable it will not harden or become too thin in differing weather conditions. Thinner in viscosity than Super Float it is a great all around floatant for dry flies of all sizes.
Anglers who prefer wax/oil based fly floatants will love our Anglers Image® White Lightning Gel Floatant. Designed to melt at skin temperature it goes on thin penetrating the hackle on the fly without caking. It is excellent for dries of all sizes and is great on both strike indicators and leader butts. It is the traditional “do-it-all” floatant in our product offering and will appeal to anglers who like floatants such as Gink, Orvis HyFloat, etc. Anglers Image White Lightning Gel Floatant
Anglers Image Magic Dust Anglers Image® Magic Dust is an odorless, insoluble, fine, white powder that has been given a special hydrophobic coating. It is the lightest, highest floating, powdered fly floatant available on the market. It is excellent for delicate dry flies and CDC flies. The fine powder will not mat hackles. When applied to nymphs and wet flies the trapped air bubbles surrounding the fly create the appearance of a naturally emerging insect. The brush applicator makes it easy to apply to the fly.
Easy to use Anglers Image® Solid Floatant is perfect for large dry fies and strike indicators. Just rub the floatant directly on your fly from the handy tube dispenser and keep your hands oil free. Anglers Image Solid Floatant