Product Feature: UTC Organizer Boxes




2020 is rapidly approaching and now is a great time to plan your reorganization strategy.  For those looking to find some great gift ideas for Christmas, our UTC organizer boxes are very useful items for fly tyers of all skill levels.



Our UTC Spool Box (item #UTCSB)is the ideal way to contain and organize thread, tinsel, and wire spools.  The box holds (40) spools (not included) and has a clear lid so that spools inside can be easily seen and identified.   The box excels as a tinsel and wire dispenser.  Both can be dispensed without removing the spool from the foam insert.






Here is a close-up of the box with thread and wire spools.











The UTC Combo Box (item #UTCCB) comes with (15) pop-top vials and (25) open slots for thread, tinsel, and wire spools.  The vials measure 1-1/2″ x 7/8″ and are great for storing hooks, beads, and other small items.







The UTC Vial box(item # UTCVB) is ideal for beads, hooks, eyes and any small fly tying material that otherwise would be difficult to organize.  Each box comes with (40) pop-top vials.  A description of the vials contents can be easily written on the top with a permanent marker.





The vials can hold hooks, beads, and materials of all sorts.  By simply drilling a hole in the top of the vial it can dispense chenille and dubbing.












In addition to our UTC organizer boxes our Fly Furniture wooden fly tying organizers also make great gifts.  Below is a link for more information: