Anglers Image®Magnetic Zinger

  • Holds your fly while you repair your leader to tie on a tippet
  • GSP cord will not fray
  • Works like a fly patch

Not your average zinger

This premium quality pin-on Magnetic Zinger features a 19 inch GSP(Gel Spun Polyethylene) cord with glove clasp attachment for tools. Unlike lesser zingers, the end of the cord is encased in a stainless steel ball which rotates 360 degrees within the glove clasp barrel. This makes for an almost indestructible cord that will not fray.

The high strength magnet on the zinger housing is perfect for holding flies while you repair your leader, search through your fly box, or tie on a fly. As long as you don’t overload it with flies (thus covering the magnet completely), it will hold several flies for you, essentially functioning as a fly patch.