Applicator Jar with Brush Loaded

Easy and Fast application of cements

We have taken our three best selling, most popular cements and packaged them in a handy 1 oz. applicator jar with a brush applicator. Now these fine cements can be more easily applied to larger trout, salmon and saltwater flies.

Fly Head Cement is the best all around choice for flies of all types. It is a penetrating cement with minimal build up and dries fast.

Flex-Seal is a flexible penetrating cement that has a multitude of uses. It is particularly good when used on deer hair flies or on dry fly wings.

Gloss Coat is a fast drying cement that dries rock hard. It is an ideal choice for saltwater fly heads and for salmon/steelhead fly heads.

Our wide mouth bottle with brush cap is also available by itself and it is quick and easy to fill with your favorite combination of cement and thinner.

Available Products

PNTFHA Fly Head Cement
PNTFLA Flex-Seal
PNTGLA Gloss Coat Head Cement
PNT902 Applicator Jar w/Brush (no cement included)

  • Our most popular cements now packaged with a handy applicator brush in the lid
  • Makes applying cement to large flies easier
  • The jar also available empty for use with your favorite lacquer or cement