Super A, Super AA, and Mini AA


Vise Operating Instructions Vise Instructions 1
This vise is constructed of high carbon steel for maximum durability.The improved tapered jaws are designed to hold hooks securely, from a 6/0 cadmium plated saltwater hook, down to a number 22 midge. The grooved shank enables the fly tyer to rotate the vise without altering the height adjustments.

For the best performance adjust your vise as indicated.

Adjust the barrel until it fits snugly against the vise shank.
Vise Instructions 2 Vise Instructions 3
Adjust the black knurled fitting forward or backward, according to the hook size being used, until the lever locks in the position shown. The hook should be clamped in the jaws at the lower bend as shown above. The point and barb should not be concealed by the jaws, as this position may damage the hook.