The Mop Fly





One of the hottest new flies is one of the easiest to tie.  Here are the instructions for April’s fly of the month:  The Mop Fly.













The Mop Fly uses only a requires a few materials.













Although a standard nymph hook can be used we our favorite hook for the fly is a Lightning Strike JF2 jig/fly hook.  For the fly shown here we are using a size 12 hook.














Jig/Fly style hooks like the JF2 work best with a slotted bead.  Here we are using a size 1/8” Tungsten Slotted bead with a black nickel finish.













140 Denier Ultra Thread in cream is our choice for this fly because the thread closely matches the color of the body.  You can use a contrasting color if you want.  We sometimes like to tie the fly with red thread.











The first step is threading the bead onto the hook and inserting it into your vise.












Start your thread behind the bead and trim off the tag.  It may be necessary to put a wrap of thread in front of the bead depending upon its size.  Larger beads sometimes have a hole in the front that is larger in diameter than the eye of the hook.












Now cut a 2” – 3” piece of Mop Chenille.













Now take a bodkin and fold the chenille around it.  The bodkin will help you twist the yarn making a tight body.

Hold the yarn firm and twist the bobbin over-and-over again until the chenille becomes tight.











Once the Mop Chenille is tightly twisted pull it off of the bodkin.  It should be tight and a little difficult to remove.  This will form an extended body that should be difficult to unravel.













Now tie in the extended body behind the bead.












After you trim off the tag ends put a few more thread wraps over the material to firmly secure it to the hook.












Now we will add some dubbing to form a flashy, fuzzy thorax.

Our favorite is Prism Dubbing in Peacock color.













Begin by dubbing over the thread wraps securing the Mop Chenille.












The dubbed thorax will look something like this. Another option would be to add a couple wraps of a soft hackle (Partridge, etc).  Now whip finish the fly behind the bead.












Here is a finished photo of the Mop Fly. We completed this fly is just over 1-minute. No wonder this is a favorite of many trout guides across the country.










Each package of Mop Chenille (Item #CM1) contains 5’ of materials and is available in 18 hot fish catching colors:

001 White

002 Cream

003 Oyster White

006 Yellow

012 Orange

041 Tan

051 Cinnamon

052 Wine

056 Red

060 Light Olive

089 Olive

092 Purple

100 Black

103 Pink

215 Light Dun

216 Medium Dun

218 Chocolate

276 Flesh