How to Attach Materials to a Hook

Securing materials on the hook is often the most difficult part of fly tying for beginners. The pinch technique described below is easy to master and cures the problem of materials rolling around the hook.

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Holding the material between your thumb and forefinger, place the material directly on top of the hook at the point where your thread is hanging down. Move the thread up and over the material into the crevice between your fingers. If it is difficult to position the thread between your fingers, twist it first. This will throw a loop in the thread over the pinch point that may be easier to grasp.
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While pinching, position the thread on the opposite side of the hook. Relax your fingers slightly to pinch the loop you have just formed. While maintaining moderate pressure on the loop, pull the bobbin downward, forcing the thread snug against the hook. Repeat the pinch technique two to three more times until the material is secured.