Killer Caddis Beads

Killer Caddis Beads :

  • The highest quality Japanese beads available
  • Perfect uniformity of size, shape, and color
  • 37 colors available in 5 sizes and 4 different varieties
  • Packaged in a handy reusable flip-top container

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Misc. Eyes and Rattles

Misc. Eyes and Rattles :

  • Largest selection of products anywhere
  • Huge assortment of sizes and colors


Hologram Dome Eyes These 3-D stick-on Hologram Dome Eyes with extra strong adhesive come on a special quick release liner for easy application. Available 20 per package.
You will be able to easily peel these popular Flat Stick on Eyes with black pupil from the special quick release liner. The eyes are pre-punched and the excess material has been stripped. They are very popular for saltwater baitfish imitations and freshwater streamers. Flat Stick on Eyes
Solid Plastic Eyes Solid Plastic Eyes are three dimensional and very lifelike. You can remove the stem to mount flush for a realistic look. Available 18 per package
Bead Chain Eyes are very popular for streamers and saltwater flies. 18 inches of beads per package. These beads will not tarnish. Bead Chain Eyes
Real-Eyes Use the recess diameter from the chart below to order stick on or hologram eyes for use with these Real-Eyes. These are available 10 per package.
Mono Eyes are tiny, lightweight, plastic nymph eyes. They are great on dragonfly nymphs and crawfish. Available 24 per package. Mono Eyes
Doll Eyes Doll Eyes are a colored plastic eye with a moveable, audible black pupil. Available 36 per package.
Jungle Cock Imitation eyes are available 24 per package. Imitation Jungle Cock Eyes
Solid Lead Presentation Eyes The symmetrical hour glass shape of these solid lead Presentation Eyes is self-centering and easy to tie, with a narrow profile that works great for steamers. Available 10 per package.


Fly Rattles These Pyrex® glass Fly Rattles are made of tough laboratory glass. The rounded end rattles can be put in the belly of a zonker and then watch out. Press the pointed end rattles into foam bodies to make noise for attracting fish. These are available 10 per package.
Spool shaped Pyrex® Rattle Eyes can be used with hologram or stick on eyes. The diameter listed is the middle. These are available 10 per package. Rattle Eyes
Micro Eyeball Rattles The Micro Eyeball Rattles are a smaller one-sided version of the rattle eyes. Perfect for deer hair and foam popper flies. Use hologram or stick on eyes for a different look. These are available 10 per package.


Add a dirty water fly to your arsenal! Put a Fly Propeller on a wooly bugger and the fish will find your fly. These are available 24 per package. Fly Propellers


A huge innovation in nymph fishing

Most fly fishermen agree that the use of bead head flies originated in Europe in the early 1980’s. Several innovative tyers added beads to the heads of their flies for extra flash and to give their nymphs extra weight to sink them deep in swift currents. These flies were so successful that word of their effectiveness spread like wildfire and within a very short time fly tyers world wide began modifying existing patterns and designing new ones utilizing beads.

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Tungsten Eyes

Sink your fly super fast

Using a tungsten bead, cone, body form, or dumbbell is the fastest and easiest way to add significant weight to your fly. Since tungsten is approximately twice as heavy as brass, you can really make your fly bomb toward the bottom. In most situations the added weight of a tungsten bead to the fly often eliminates the need to add split shot to the leader.

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Cone Heads

Great for sinking streamers deep

Adding a brass or tungsten cone head to your fly is the most effective way to increase the sink rate. The tapered head design is relatively snag free and offers little casting resistance. By using a brightly polished (gold, nickel, or copper plated) or painted cone head, you can add flash and attractiveness to your fly. If a subtle look is desired then black is the way to go.

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Dumbbell Eyes

Developed by a fly tying visionary

The story of how Tom Schmuecker, owner of Wapsi Fly, Inc., developed dumbbell eyes is just one example of the tremendous contributions he has made to the fly fishing and fly tying world.

Tom developed the first set of dumbbell eyes as a solution to sinking smallmouth bass streamers deep in current. Tom first tied various streamer patterns with bead chain eyes. While he caught lots of fish with these flies, they didn’t sink to the level he desired. To make the bead chain eyes heavier, he wicked solder into them. This produced better results but still did not satisfy him.

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