Rooster Saddle Patches

These beautifully dyed premium Rooster Saddle Patches (item# DRM) are the best for large streamers and palmering woolly buggers.





Available in the following colors:

201  White

207  Ginger

006  Yellow

012  Orange

041  Tan

047  Brown

056  Red

089  Olive

092  Purple

100  Black

137  Shad Gray

053  Fl. Orange

507  Fl. Blue

509  Fl. Chartreuse

510  Fl. Pink







Indian Rooster Saddle Patches

If you have an interest in winged streamers, these Indian Rooster Saddle Patches (item# RP) are the coolest. Hackles are narrow, stiff and have a good taper. Use for small woolly buggers and large dry flies.





Available in the following colors:

089  Olive

100  Black

151  Brown Variant

201  Cream

206  Ginger

213  Furnace

227  Brown

233  Badger



Soft Hackle Hen Saddle Patches

Soft Hackle Hen Saddle Patches (item# HP)are one of our most versatile products.


Great for nymph collars, legs and tails, as well as soft hackle flies and crawdad claws.


The speckled brown is especially good as a partridge substitute.


Available in the following colors:

001  White

015  Crawdad Orange

029  Dun

041  Tan

089  Olive

100  Black

206  Ginger

225  Speckled Gray

226  Speckled Brown

Metz Magnum Necks Grizzly

Great for trout flies, bass flies, and saltwater flies

Metz Magnum Necks (Item DG4) are the closest thing there is to an “all-around” neck. Each neck has feathers small enough to tie trout dry flies. The medium to large feathers are perfect for streamers and small saltwater flies.


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Metz Magnum Grizzly Saddles

Larger and fuller than any other saddles!

Compare these Magnum Saddles (Item #DG2) to anyone else’s saddles and you will find there are none larger, fuller, or with better markings than these. They are the finest large fly saddles ever offered to the fly tyer and they are ideal for tying large saltwater fly patterns.

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