Pheasant, Partridge, and Guinea

Staples for every fly tying bench

Pheasant, partridge and guinea feathers are among the most useful fly tying materials and should grace the desk of all fly tyers. Partridge is extremely well suited for tying soft hackle flies, and its natural speckling makes it essential for use as a tailing material for nymphs. Pheasant body feathers perform the same functions as partridge, but the fibers are longer and slightly stiffer so they are better suited for larger flies.

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Hungarian Partridge Skins

These top quality Hungarian Partridge Skins have soft speckled hackle that are a must for nymph and soft hackle tyers.


Hungarian Partridge Loose Body Feathers

This assorment of popular mixed Hungarian Partridge Loose Body Feathers is used for nymphs and soft hacklesand is packaged in a generous 4 x 6 Ziplock bag.