• Not just for Thanksgiving
  • Durable and realistic
  • Versatile for a wide variety of flies

Turkey Biots

Turkey Biots are dyed to match the hatch. These work great for segmented bodies on spinners, dry flies, nymphs, and emergers.

Turkey Flats

UseTurkey Flats for cut wings and parachute posts.

Barred Ozark Turkey Quill

Ozark Turkey Quill is good for hopper wings, muddlers, stonefly nymphs and mayfly nymph wing cases.

Cinnamon Tip Ozark Turkey Tail

Ozark Turkey Tail with a cinnamon tip is a huge tail feather with distinct markings, perfect for stonefly wing cases and muddlers.

Mottled Oak Turkey Wing Quill

Use the mottled oak Turkey Wing Quill for wings on grasshoppers and muddlers. Also use for wing cases on stoneflies and nymphs.