Beautifully barred guard hairs.  Popular for streamer wings.  Material used in the famed “Picket Pin” wet fly.


Temple Fox

Temple Fox hair is used in the same applications as Arctic Fox where a longer, slightly stiffer hair is preferable.  It is a very good choice for salmon and steelhead fly patterns.

Wild Boar Hair

Split Tails

Wild Boar Hair is an ideal natural material to use for tails on mayfly patterns. While it makes an excellent tailing material when tied in full, it is at its best when it is used to construct split tails. On fly’s size 18 or smaller, the hair can be easily split into two or three equally sized tails. The secret is to tie in a single hair (one with a slightly splayed tip) and separate it after it is tied in place. You’ll quickly find that Wild Boar Hairis faster and easier to work with than nylon fibbets.

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Elk Rump

Elk Rump has the longest length and largest diameter hair, and is perfect for hopper bodies.

Elk Body Hair

Elk Body Hair is used for many popular dry fly patterns.

Elk Hair

Hand Selected by a lifetime fly tying master

All of our hides are chosen and cut by Tom Schmuecker, 30+ year owner of Wapsi Fly. Tom’s vast experience in selecting, processing, dyeing and cutting hides is unparalleled in the industry. Since Tom has always been a passionate fly tyer, he knows what sets apart an excellent fly tying material from one that is coarse and difficult to work with. This combined knowledge insures that our product is the finest available to the fly tyer.

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