Pine Squirrel

Ideal for small streamers and nymphs

Pine squirrels extra thin hide and hair density make it possible to tie zonkers and matuka size flies down to size 14. The extra thin hide and soft undulating hairs make for a seductive action that cannot be duplicated with any other material on such a small size fly.

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Micro Pine Squirrel Zonkers

Micro Pine Squirrel Zonkers are cut extra thin for the smallest nymph and streamer patterns. The ideal material for tying mini zonkers, they contain 2 feet per package.

Pine Squirrel Zonkers

Pine Squirrel Zonkers are cut into 1/8″ strips and are excellent for matukas, zonkers, and other streamers. This is the best size to use for tying size 4 to 8 streamers. The package contains 2 feet per package.

Whole Pine Squirrel Skins

These Whole Pine Squirrel Skins are soft tanned.