San Juan Worm Kit


The San Juan Worm imitates aquatic worms that are found in most trout streams.  Besides being easy-to-tie, this is one of the most effective trout flies on the planet!





This kit includes materials to tie 20+ flies at just a small fraction of the cost of buying them in a store.




Each kit includes:

20 Premium Lightning Strike Hooks

10 colors (10 total feet) of Ultra Chenille

1 spool of UTC thread

Full color, step-by-step tying instructions.

Chernobyl Ant Kit


The Chernobyl Ant is a popular attractor dry fly used especially on western rivers.  This kit includes all the materials to tie 24 flies at a fraction of the cost of buying them from a shop.








Each package includes:

(24) Premium Lightning Strike Hooks

(3) Colors of 2mm flat Fly Foam

(2) Colors of Round rubber

(1) Full color photos with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for tying the flies.




For additional information how to tie the Chernobyl Ant, check out this video :


Wapsi Super Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit

Without a doubt this is the ultimate beginning fly tying kit!

Our Super Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit is an expanded version of our Deluxe Kit including an upgraded vise, boxed tool kit, fully loaded dubbing dispenser, loaded magnetic hook box, and 6-compartment box loaded with an assortment of eyes and beads.  All of this is packaged into a handy plastic carrying case with your choice of the Wapsi Fly Tying Handbook or Wapsi Fly Tying Starter D.V.D.

Below is a photo of what is included:

Deep Minnow Kit

If you are looking for an excellent streamer for both fresh and saltwater then look no further — this is it!  The Deep Minnow is one of the best all-around flies on the planet and every fly fisherman should have this fly in their arsenal.







This kit includes materials and instructions to tie 15 Deep Minnows at just a fraction of the cost of buying them in a retail store.



Each kit includes:

  • 15 hooks
  • 15 Dumbbell eyes
  • 1 spool of UTC 210 denier thread
  • Bucktail
  • Flash material
  • Full Color, clear, step-by-step tying instructions.

Razor Midge Kit

The Razor Midge is an easy-to-tie, effective foam midge pupa pattern.  Having foam in its construction it does not require any fly floatant to float the fly.

This kit includes materials to tie 24 Razor Midge flies at a fraction of the cost of buying them in a store.




Each kit includes:

  • 24 Premium Lightning Strike Hooks
  • 3 colors of translucent Razor Foam
  • Midge Flash
  • Dubbing
  • Clear, step-by-step fly tying instructions.

Here is an example of the instructions for tying this productive fly:
DF1 or SE1 Lightning Strike dry fly hook
70 Denier Ultra Thread
Razor Foam
Midge Flash
Super Fine Dubbing or Dubbing of your choice

PFK04 Tying Instruction 1 PFK04 Tying Instruction 2 PFK04 Tying Instruction 3
Start the thread at the center of the hook shank. Take a matchstick sized piece of razor foam and trim one end to a point. Tie it onto the hook as shown. Lift up the forward portion of the foam and tie in 4 – 8 strands of midge flash in front of it. This will become the wings of your fly.
PFK04 Tying Instruction 4 PFK04 Tying Instruction 5 PFK04 Tying Instruction 6
Dub the hook to just behind the eye. Divide the strands of midge flash so that you have an equal amount of strands on each side of the fly. Pull the front of the foam over the dubbed head you just formed and tie it down as shown. Whip finish to complete the fly. The fly is now finished and ready to fish.


Foam Spider Kit



The Foam Spider is one of the deadliest fly patterns ever created for catching panfish (bream).  





This kit includes:

(24) Premium quality Lightning Strike Dry Fly Hooks

Round rubber in two colors.

Clear, step-by-step instruction.











Here is a sample of the instructions for tying this great fly pattern:


PFK03 Tying Instruction 1 PFK03 Tying Instruction 2 PFK03 Tying Instruction 3
Start the thread at the middle of the hook shank. Tie the spider body onto the hook as shown. Take two strands of round rubber and tie them on top of the spider body at the center of the hook.
PFK03 Tying Instruction 4 PFK03 Tying Instruction 5 PFK03 Tying Instruction 6
Pull up slightly on the front of the spider body and wrap your thread up the hook shank to just behind the eye. Do not wrap over spider body. Tie down the front of the spider body. This will make the head of your spider. Whip finish. Trim the round rubber to the length you desire. Pull the strands of round rubber apart to form the legs and position them as shown. The fly is now finished.