Fly Furniture

Fly Furniture

  • End clutter on your tying bench
  • Store all of your tools in a small amount of space
  • Tie more flies by wasting less time looking for misplaced items + Read More

The “Beadzer” Tool

  • Indispensable at the tying bench.
  • Makes delicate beadwork a breeze.
  • More flies in your fly box!
  • Eventually pays for itself. + Read More

Three new styles for 2011

The Fly Furniture Collection

Our Fly Furniture collection consists of 17 attractively made oak organizers. Each piece is designed to end clutter around your fly tying bench.

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Tyer’s Fly Cube

An efficient desk top organizer.

The Tyer’s Fly Cube measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 5.25″ and is a very useful tool for holding flies on your fly tying bench. Since the organizer spins you can easily separate flies by type while you are tying or access the specific pallet you are searching for.

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Fly Tyer’s Desk Top

Everything within arm’s reach

The Fly Tyer’s Desk Top puts all of your necessary fly tying tools, cements, tinsels, wires, and threads within easy reach for immediate access. The vise pedestal (included) can be postioned on either side to accommodate both right and left handed fly tyers.

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Tool Stadium

The Tool Stadium (item#ACCSR7) is the ultimate fly tying tool storage unit. It will hold up to 45 assorted fly tying tools and cements in a minimum amount of space. Attractive oak adds a touch of class to the tying table. It also makes a great gift.