Palmer Chenille

Palmer Chenille
A cool material for tying some seriously “sexy” flies.
palmer group shot

A few years ago we introduced Palmer Chenille to the fly tying world and it quickly became an extremely popular fly tying material.

New for 2014 we’ve added a 50mm size that is perfect for tying large baitfish patterns.

What makes Palmer Chenille such a great fly tying material is its’ multitude of uses:

Because all the synthetic flash fibers are on one side of the core thread it can be wrapped like hackle and thus substituted for hackle on many types of flies.

Try it in place of a hen feather on steelhead and salmon flies, or on larger soft hackled wet fly patterns.  Add flash to your Woolly Buggers by using it in place of a saddle hackle.
w buggersteelhead fly

Palmer Chenille can also be wrapped to form dense body.  If desired this body can be trimmed to a desired shape.  Here are a few examples:

This year we’ve introduced a new 50mm size that is perfect for tying large articulated baitfish flies like this one:


If you are interested in tying flies like these click here for instructions.

Palmer Chenille is available in three sizes and 19 different colors!  Give it a try – it just might bring some new life back to your old favorite fly patterns.