UTC Round Lead Free Wire


UTC round, lead, free wire is a non-toxic alternative to weighing your flies.  Made of soft, tin antimony the wire is not quite as heavy as lead.


Unlike some other tin antimony wires our non-toxic wire is soft and easy-to-wrap.  Available in 5 sizes:

.015″, .020″, .025″, .030″, .035″



UTC Round Lead Wire


UTC round, soft lead wire (Item #LWS) is an essential fly tying product on most tyers benches. Simply wind the wire around the hook to give your fly the needed weight to sink to the depths.

Available in 6 sizes: .010″, .015″, .020″, .025″, .030″, .035″












UTC Ultra Wire


Wapsi UTC Ultra wire is a non-tarnishing copper based wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, dubbing brush wire and as a body component on nymph and streamer patterns.  It is the essential material needed for tying John Barr’s famous Copper John Nymph.



Flies can be tied completely out of Ultra Wire if you desire.  Wrapping two different colors of Ultra Wire together can make a banded, segmented body.



Ultra Wire is available in up to 30 colors and 5 sizes:




XS: is the size to choose for ribbing on size 20 or smaller.

Small: is an all-purpose size capable of filling many fly tying needs.

Brassie: is an ideal choice for wire bodied flies sizes 18-22 and for ribbing on most trout sized flies.

Medium:  is a good choice for ribbing on size 8-12 nymphs.

Large:  is a popular choice for streamers and/or large stonefly nymph patterns.


UTC Monofilament Thread


UTC Monofilament thread is very useful on small flies, both as a primary tying thread and as a rib material.


It is a good choice for making segmented bodies on caddis and midge pupa patterns as well as mayfly nymph bodies and ideal for making segmented bodies on scud and sowbug patterns.


100 yards per spool.


Available in clear, or smoke.

UTC Thread Box


The best way to organize spooled fly tying products.

If you ask 10 fly tyers how they store and organize their materials you’ll likely receive 10 different answers.  Fly tyers are constantly looking for solutions to their materials storage issues.

Many fly tyers store their excess spooled products in a zip-lock bag or loosely in a box of some type.  While this works fine initially it doesn’t take long for the material on the spools to tangle – leaving a big, jumbled mess. Our UTC Thread Box (Item# UTCSB) is the designed to be the solution to this problem.





Holds, Organizes, and Dispenses 40-Spools

The foam insert in the box designed to hold spools firmly, yet allow for the dispensing of wire and tinsel without the need of removing the spool from the insert.

The clear lid on the box makes it easy to find the spool you are looking for.

If you need a solution to your spool storage problems consider trying our UTC Thread Box – it just may be what you’ve been looking for.

Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

  • U.V. Blue color
  • Natural Iridescence
  • Great for flashback nymphs and scuds
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