Anglers Image Vertical Tippet Retainer with Floatant Holder

Anglers Image Guide Lanyard

Anglers Image® Tippet Tweaker

Anglers Image® Tippet Tweaker :

  • Everything you need at your fingertips
  • Great for fresh or saltwater use
  • Tippet spools are easy to load and unload

Perfect for the minimalist + Read More

Horizontal Tippet Retainer

Push the plastic ring mounted at the base of the plastic snap hook down firmly.Grasp the two strands of the nylon cord in one hand the plastic snap hook in the other -- twist the snap free from the nylon cord inserted into it.Remove the plastic ring and decorative aluminum band from the cord.
Now remove the tool snap and cord stop from either side of the retainer. Load your tippet spools onto the retainer and reinstall the cord stop, snap, decorative ring, and plastic ring. Push the two strands of nylon back into the inside of the snap hook. Now push the plastic ring back up into place. The retainer is now ready for use.

Anglers Image®Tippet Rings

  • Extends the life of your leader
  • Makes changing tippets fast and easy
  • Only 2.25 mm in diameter

Allows for faster tippet changes and longer leader life

The use of tippet rings originated in Europe. During a fishing match, competitive anglers valued a fast and easy system to change the size of their tippet. Our Anglers Image® Tippet Rings allow the angler to simply knot the tippet end of their leader to the ring (using their favorite knot). + Read More

Anglers Image® Tippet Tweaker Fly Patch

  • Pins on your vest or shirt
  • Comes complete with Anglers Image® Zinger and Nip-It line snip

Essentials at your Fingertips

The Anglers Image® Tippet Tweaker Fly Patch combines a ripple foam fly patch with a conveniently located Anglers Image® Zinger and Nip-It line snip. The 2″ wire pin on the back securely attaches it to your vest or fishing shirt. + Read More