Chukar Skins

A great material for soft hackle wet flies

Chukar Skins yield flank feathers that are useful for a number of applications. Their large size and beautiful barring make them an excellent choice for cheeks on salmon flies and for use on larger soft hackle wet flies.

The basic coloration of the body feathers are dun with a few brown and sandy dun flank feathers on almost every skin. Some traditional dry fly patterns call for Chukar flank feathers as a wing and they perform very well when used with a wing burner. For a different, unique look to your favorite fly patterns try substituting Chukar for Partridge, you might just make “a better mousetrap”.

Chukar Skins :

  • Beautifully barred flank feathers
  • Ideal for legs on wet flies and wings on thorax style dry flies
  • Traditional material for salmon flies