Dub Dubbing

Dubbing is a special technique used to attach natural fur and synthetic fibers to the hook. Essentially the fur and/or fibers (commonly referred to as dubbing) are twisted onto the thread forming a thin tapered yarn that can be easily wrapped around the hook.

Dubbing Instruction 1 Dubbing Instruction 2 Dubbing Instruction 3
Pull out a tiny amount of dubbing from the bag. The less you use, the easier it is to put on the thread. Place the dubbing against the thread and squeeze it tightly between your thumb and index finger. Now twist the dubbing by rolling it in one direction around the thread. Roll the dubbing until it is tight on the thread and tapers to a point on each end.
Dubbing Instruction 4 Dubbing Instruction 5 Dubbing Instruction 6
Push the dubbing up the thread until it touches the bottom of the hook shank. Wind the dubbed thread forward in even wraps without any gaps between wraps. If necessary, add more dubbing to the thread by repeating the technique. Wrap forward until the desired area is covered with dubbing. Pinch off any excess material and make 3 to 4 additional thread wraps to secure the material.