• Ideal for saltwater flies
  • Clear, flexible and fast drying
  • Self-leveling; dries without bubbles or drips
  • Squeeze bottle makes it easy to apply Exo-Flex to your fly

Ideal for Saltwater Flies

EXF01 Exo-Flex is a transparent, flexible coating material that is self-leveling and fast drying. It is perfect for covering doll eyes on saltwater streamers, and, when applied over synthetic materials such as Wing N’ Flash, Krystal Flash, or Neer Hair, it can make a very realistically shaped baitfish imitation.

Not only will your baitfish imitations look realistic but they will also feel realistic, too. Exo-Flex is soft and flexible so that, when a fish bites down on your streamer, the fly will feel like the real thing.

Toothy fish, such as bluefish, can utterly destroy a fly. One of the great things about flies tied with Exo-Flex is that it can be reapplied to the fly as needed to refurbish it and fill in the tooth holes. Because it dries clear and is self-leveling, this process does not require putting the fly into a fly dryer. The squeeze bottle makes it easy to apply the Exo-Flex to the fly and causes less waste of the material than other similar products packaged in glass bottles.

Not just for Saltwater Flies

One interesting use for Exo-Flex is to cover shellbacks on flies such as scuds and sowbugs. Simply place a thin bead of Exo-Flex on the back of your fly and allow it to dry. The dubbing can then be picked out to simulate legs. Because Exo-Flex dries clear, it is also great to use for covering wing cases on nymph patterns. Some anglers like to use Exo-Flex on spun deer hair and elk hair bass bugs, too. When applied with a needle, it can be worked into the hair, creating a more durable, higher floating fly.