Fly of the Month: Perdigon Style Nymphs


In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the popularity of Perdigon style nymph patterns.  A “Perdigon” is not a specific fly pattern but a style of nymph pattern developed by European fly fishermen.  Perdigon style flies usually are small profile flies tied on short shanked, heavy wire, wide gap hooks.  Usually, they contain a heavy, tungsten bead and are sparsely dressed as to not impede their sink rate.  Often times they are coated with UV resin or epoxy to add durability and further increase their sink rate.  Some fly tyers prefer to use a 60-degree jig hook so that the fly does not hang up on the bottom as often.






Competition anglers often choose Perdigon style flies for various European nymphing techniques, but they are just as effective when fished under an indicator.




Here is a video from our friend Tim Flagler.  Tim is tying a Perdigon style Zebra Midge.




(284) Perdigon Style Zebra Midge – YouTube