Gummi Flash Baitfish

gummi-flash-baitfishGummi Flash Baitfish

The Gummi Flash Baitfish is a realistic looking fly that is easy to tie and very effective on bass, trout, and many saltwater species. It is a good fly to learn the basics of working with Gummi Body and Gummy Flash materials. If you use hook sizes 2/0-1 use the .040 Gummi Body, if you use hook sizes 2-4 use the .020 Gummi Body.

Materials Needed:


Hook: Mustad 34007 – size 2/0-4
Wire: .020 Lead Wire
Thread: UTC 100 Denier(white)
Wing: Krystal Flash(any color)
Body: .020 Gummi Body(2-4 hook)
.040 Gummi Body(2/0-1 hook)
Overbody: Gummi Flash Foil(any color)
Hologram Eye
Permanent marker(if desired)

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Picture of lead wire wrapped around hook Picture showing Krystal Flash wrapped around thread Picture showing Krystal Flash in place on hook
Mount the hook in the vise and add lead wire as shown. Secure the lead wire in place with tying thread. Take approximately 8 – 12 fibers of Krystal Flash and fold them around the thread in their center as shown. Pull the Krystal Flash tight and slide it down the thread to the hook. Secure it in place with your fly tying thread. The Krystal Flash is now tied directly on top of the hook shank.
Picture showing the cut gummi body Picture showing the positioning of the Gummi Body on the hook Picture showing the trimmed Gummi Body
Whip finish and trim off your thread. Cut out a rectangular piece of Gummi Body that is the desired length of the fly and approximately twice as wide. Fold the Gummi Body material in half lengthwise. Take the paper backing off of the inside of the folded Gummi Body and press it over the Krystal Flash as shown. Mounting the Gummi Body on the hook at a slight upward angle. With the exterior paper still on the Gummi Body trim the fly to the desired baitfish shape. Do not trim the ends of the Krystal Flash at this time they will become the tail of the fly.
Picture showing the Gummi Body half removed Picture showing placement of the eye Picture showing how to use the foil on the fly
Gently remove the paper from the Gummi body on the near side of the hook. Touch the sticky body as little as possible. Leave the paper on the back side of the hook. Now take a Hologram Dome Eye and position it on near side of the fly as shown. Take the Gummi Flash Foil and press the dull side of the foil onto the sticky surface of the fly.
Picture showing how to use the foil on the fly Picture showing the removal of the foil Picture showing removal of the paper from the fly
Continue to press the dull side of the foil to the sticky surface of the Gummi Body until its tackiness is gone. Gently and slowly remove the paper from the Gummi Body on the near side of the fly. Reposition the fly in the vise and gently remove the remaining paper from the fly.
Picture showing the fly at this stage of tying Picture showing the foil being pulled away from the fly Picutre showing trimming the tail
Add a hologram eye to the fly as you did in a previous step and apply the foil to the adhesive body. Peel away the foil transfer from the fly. The pattern on the foil will be transferred to the sticky body of the fly. Trim the Krystal Flash tail as shown.
Picture showing coloring the fly with prismacolor markers Picture showing the finished fly
Permanent marking pens can be used to color the fly as desired. The finished fly.