Wapsi Friends: Charlie Craven

Charlie Craven

by Pat Neuner, Product Development Manager

One of the best things about working in the fly fishing industry is meeting and becoming friends with people in all parts of the country.  Every angler has a story and learning more about how they started fly fishing and/or fly fishing is very interesting.


This month we honor our friend, well-known fly tying guru, Charlie Craven from Arvada, Colorado.


Charlie began tying flies at 8 years old and was tying commercially by the age of 13.  After working as a guide for 13+ years he helped open and run a fly shop in Boulder — then eventually his own shop in Arvada.


Charlies is one of the best, and best-known fly tyers in the USA — having created innovative fly patterns such as the Charlie Boy Hopper, Ragin’ Craven and Jujubee midge (this month’s featured fly pattern).


He has written several books on fly tying and contributed countless articles to fly fishing publications.















Charlie’s shop (Charlie’s Fly Box) has arguably the largest assortment of fly tying materials of any shop in the U.S.A.  Feeling overwhelmed by the incredible choice of fly tying materials in his shop (“like a deer in headlights”) is not unusual here because his assortment of fly tying materials is mind boggling.  If “it” (a material) is used to tie a fly you’ll find it here.  Visiting his shop is an experience and well worth the trip.


Click here to see some photos of Charlie’s shop.


Although Charlie’s shop is loaded with fly tying materials, the real reason to visit the shop is to meet the man who created it — a man who has dedicated his life to promoting the love of fly fishing and fly tying.  Charlie is a great guy and a great ambassador of our sport.  If you are in the Denver area make it a point to drive over to Arvada for a visit.  You’ll be glad you did.


Thanks Charlie for all you’ve done to promote fly fishing and fly tying.