Wapsi Friends

Jim Malo

One of the best things about working in the fly fishing industry is meeting and becoming friends with people in all parts of the country.  Every angler has a story and learning more about how they started fly fishing and/or fly fishing is very interesting.

This month we honor our friend Jim Malo from Worcester, Mass.

Jim began tying flies as a child in the 1950’s and later became a pupil of the late Paul Kukonen who owned a fly shop in Worcester.  Paul was a legendary sportsman in New England and is remembered by many as the man who popularized the Cardinale streamer pattern.  Paul was widely respected for his fly tying skill, and fishing exploits in both fresh and saltwater.

Paul taught Jim the “proper” way to tie flies and within a time Jim was recognized regionally for the quality of his dry flies and streamers.  It was only natural that Jim would eventually apply his tying skills to tying classic salmon patterns.  During the 20+ years that Jim guided in Maine his customers caught many nice trout and salmon on patterns of his design.

Like his mentor Paul Kukonen, Jim has shared his knowledge and expertise of fly tying with many people.  A skilled teacher, Jim has taught countless anglers how to tie flies and has conducted classes throughout New England.

Below are photos of some of Jim’s signature patterns as shown on the website http://streamers365.com/jim-malo/












Those who know Jim also recognize him as of the best shooters and certified firearms instructors in New England.  Jim’s is author of the book “Pistol-Perfection” and his achievements in shooting are far too many to list.  The following is a summary from the website www.usconcealed.com:

 “Jim Malo has long been recognized as one of the best shooters and certified firearms instructors in New England. He has served as Distinguished Expert Pistol Instructor for Worcester County, Massachusetts, advisor for the Deputy Sheriffs and has taught and Coached at MIT–Boston and Assumption College, Worcester. He has won numerous awards in national sharpshooter and marksman competitions (both .45 and .22 pistols) and has been an NRA Training Counselor for more than four decades. He is a certified instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection and Home Firearms Safety. Jim has been Region 3 Manager for Massachusetts Hunter Education for 50 consecutive years, teaching not only gun safety, but the ethics of being a sportsman. Jim is the executive officer of many sporting organizations and the former President of the Worcester County League of Sportsmen. Jim’s outdoor articles have appeared in Massachusetts Wildlife, New England Out of Doors and Northeast Woods and Waters.”

Thank you Jim for the contributions you’ve made to fly tying and for the fine training you’ve given the men and women in blue who protect and serve their community every day.  We appreciate you.