New Lightning Strike Hooks for 2021

As everyone knows the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed the release of many new products to the fly fishing market.  We are proud to announce that our 5 newest Lightning Strike Hook models just arrived and will be available for sale in retail stores soon.  All of these models are available in both 25pks or 100pks.  Here are the details on each model:


JF4  Jig Fly

This is a Wide Gap, Barbless, Forged hook with a 60-degree eye that is ideal for use with slotted beads.  It is almost identical to our popular JF2 although it has a slightly wider gap.  The hook is available in size 8 – 18. (Y-JF45 is 25pk, Y-JF4C is 100pk)






NW5 Curved Nymph

These hooks are designed specifically for tying bead head fly patterns.  They have a 3XL forged shank with a York Bend, down-eye, and 1x Heavy Wire.   This model is available in sizes 4-18.  (Y-NW45 is 25pk, Y-NW5C is 100pk)





SE9 Larva

This unique hook is great for tying worm patterns, cranefly larva nymphs, and larger freshwater shrimp (prawn) patterns.  This forged hook has a York bend, 3XL curved shank, and a 1X Heavy Wire.  The hook is available in sizes 4-12. (Y-SE95 is 25pk, Y-SE9C is 100pk)





SS1 Steelhead

This hook is great for tying Glo Bugs for steelhead or for tying small streamer patterns.  It is a standard shank length, is forged and made with a 2X Heavy Wire.  It is available in sizes 4-8. (Y-SS15 is 25pk, Y-SS1C is 100pk)




SW3 Saltwater

This is an awesome hook for tying baitfish patterns, small tarpon flies, and any application where a short shank, forged, hook is preferred.  The hook features a 2X Short, 2XH heavy wire with a straight eye, O’Shaughnessy Bend, and Black Nickel finish with a Beak Point.   (Y-SW35 is 25pk, Y-SW3C is 100pk)