Tradd Little

It is very refreshing to meet a young man so enthusiastic about fly tying and fly fishing.  But don’t let Tradd’s enthusiasm fool you – he is as serious and as accomplished a fly tyer as anyone you’ll meet, regardless of their age.

Tradd began tying flies in 2013 at the age of eleven after receiving a Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit as a gift. Very quickly he learned the fundamentals and eagerly read every book and watched every fly tying video he could to learn more.  In short order he was cranking out flies of all types and doing so with exceptional skill.

Tradd’s specialties include fully dressed salmon flies, streamers, and realistic trout flies of all types.  He is a frequent featured fly tyer, demonstrator, and instructor at fly tying events and shows all across the country.



If you want to be blown away visit Tradd’s website at http// to watch some of his video tutorials and see his outstanding fly patterns.