Fly Tying Knots

The Jam Knot – for attaching the thread on the hook
Jam Knot Instruction 1 Jam Knot Instruction 2 Jam Knot Instruction 3
At the middle of the hook, wrap the thread forward 3 to 4 wraps. Wrap the thread back and forth upon itself 3 to 4 times. Hold up the thread tag and trim it off. The thread is now completely secured to the hook.
The Thread Base – important tips
Thread Base Tip 1 Thread Base Tip 2 Thread Base Tip 3
Some flies require that a base of thread be wrapped over the hook as shown above. Start at the eye and wrap back towards the bend. When securing lead wire to the hook, it is not necessary to completely cover it with a thread base. Use just enough thread wraps to secure it to the hook shank. On all flies, be sure to leave room behind the eye of the hook for the half hitch knot that finishes the fly.
The Half Hitch – for finishing the fly
Half Hitch Instuction 1 Half Hitch Instuction 2 Half Hitch Instuction 3
Holding the bobbin stationary in your left hand, take a fingertip of your right hand and lay it on the thread. Rotate the fingertip to form a loop. Place the tip of your finger (and the loop of thread) against the eye of the hook. Pull the thread tight and the half hitch knot is complete. Repeat 2 to 3 times, trim the tag end, and the fly is finished.