Fly of the Month: The Egg Fly

October Eggs

by Pat Neuner, Wapsi Product Development Manager

October historically has always been one of my favorite months.  There is magic in the changing of the seasons, the World Series and the return of football season.

In years past, October has also meant the return of my pursuit of steelhead and trout with nymph and egg patterns.  I’ve often mentioned to friends that it is amazing how a trout that is so reluctant to take a well-presented nymph will often turn broadside in the current and chase an egg pattern drifting by them.

The beauty of egg patterns is that they are cheap, fast, and easy to tie — and “they work”.  In the fall they are often one of the most productive flies you can use for steelhead and trout — and that is true everywhere.

My friend Tim Flagler produces fly tying videos and his “Eggs Over Easy” egg pattern is an easy to tie egg pattern that works very well.  Enjoy the video below and tie up some eggs this fall — they might just save the day for you when the fishing is tough.