Fly of the Month: Chernobyl Ant

Terrestrial time is here!

by Pat Neuner, Wapsi Product Development Manager

For me, one of the great joys of summer trout fishing is casting terrestrial imitations.  As I age it is increasingly difficult to see small flies the surface so I appreciate a large, easy-to-see fly.

This month’s “Fly of the Month” is the Chernobyl Ant.

The Chernobyl Ant was first introduced to the world by guides fishing Utah’s famed Green River.  It is a fly that no two fly tyers seem to tie exactly alike and one that lends itself well to modification.  Some argue that the fly best imitates a cricket, others argue it is a hopper imitation or best as a stonefly imitation.  Some anglers swear that the fly must have some sort of a wing, while others stay with a simple black body/white leg version.  No matter how you tie it, or what you believe it imitates it just “flat out works”.

If you haven’t tied this fly before then you’ll enjoy this video from our friend Tim Flagler: