What the heck is a FlyLipp?

Technically speaking, FlyLipps are injection-molded lips that you tie into your favorite fly patterns. FlyLipps give your favorite fly patterns the ability to swim up, swim down, dart from side-to-side, or even create top water commotion. The action produced by FlyLipps is dramatic and effective.


My name is Greg Saunders. I have fished all my life, or at least as far back as I can remember. I came to fly-fishing via spin tackle and I took to it with a passion. I loved the beautiful patterns, but could not help thinking about those great diving and swimming crankbaits and wouldn’t it be great if I could get a fly to work like that. It wasn’t long before I began carving and building prototypes from lightweight plastics and metals. These early designs were crude, but held promise.

After years of experimentation and thousands of casts later, I developed the current FlyLipp. Although my original intent was to make a fly dive deeper and swim with greater action, I have since discovered a whole other use for FlyLipps. If tied on top of the hook shank, the FlyLipp will cause a sinking pattern to “swim” to the surface. Once on top, the fly can be worked as surface bait or allowed to sink and reworked back to the top. This simple discovery enabled me to tie patterns that worked the entire water column.

Add a FlyLipp to Lefty’s Deceiver and you have a fly that swims naturally to the surface where it can pop and splash until you allow it to swim back down. Bob’s classic Clouser Minnow is no longer just a jig, it now swims up off the bottom and slowly swims back down. A FlyLipp tied into Popovic’s Surf Candy can cause the fly to dart erratically from side-to-side. A FlyLipp tied into a Dahlberg Diver or tied in front of a crease fly increases swimming action drastically.

FlyLipps work great on many of your favorite saltwater patterns as well as your favorite freshwater patterns. They are designed to fit hook sizes #4 to 2/0, but I have, with slight modification, successfully tied them on patterns as small as #10 and as large as 4/0. They work great right from the package, but if you wish to modify your own, you can easily trim them into different shapes and sizes with scissors or nail clippers. Each package contains 10 FlyLipps and endless possibilities.