Fox Tails

Soft Tanned, whole tails for a variety of fly tying uses.

The Arctic Fox Tail is white in color and yields hair averaging 2″ – 2 1/2″ in length. It is soft and supple and the perfect material for fly tails and when used in dubbing loops. Arctic Fox tails have few guard hairs and the tail fur is fine in diameter. This makes a lively fly tail with minimal bulk and maximum movement.

Silver Fox Tail hair averages 3″ – 4″ and is off white in color near the skin darkening in color to the tip. Silver Fox tails have more guard hairs than Arctic Fox and this makes them ideal for wings and tails on larger flies. Because Silver Fox tail hair contains many guard hairs some tyers separate the guard hairs from the under fur – choosing the guard hairs for stacked wings on streamers and utilizing the under fur for dubbing.

  • Great for large streamers
  • Makes amazing tails and wings on salmon and steelhead flies
  • Perfect for spinning in dubbing loops