Keough Master Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Saddle Patches

The perfect hackle for tying western style dry fly patterns!

Bill Keough has worked hard to produce high quality genetic hackle at an affordable price, and his hackles are a tremendous value. His newest introduction to the fly tying world may be his best yet, particularly for tyers who routinely tie small flies and those who tie a lot of heavily hackled patterns such as Stimulators, Humpy’s, and Wulff’s.

The characteristic that makes this hackle ideal for bushy dry flies is the quality of the stem, the long length of the hackle, and the dense barb count. The stem is pliable and wraps easily without too much recoil affect. This makes for a nice tight wrap. The long length of the hackle allows you to really pack on the wraps if you desire or even be able to tie several flies with a single hackle feather! The dense barb count not only helps float large flies but it also is an advantage when tying very small flies because only a single turn of hackle is often all that is needed to support the fly. On a small fly the fewer the wraps of hackle the less thread is needed to bind it down, and this is a huge advantage when tying delicate dry flies.

Not just for Dry Flies

Do not hesitate to use the hackle on flies other than dry flies. In fact, it is an excellent hackle for a variety of nymphs and wets and is arguably the best all-purpose small fly hackle made.

Keough Master Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Saddle Patches :

  • Excellent stem quality
  • Long, thin and flexible
  • High barb count per feather
  • A tremendous value