Keough Tyer’s and Master Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Capes

A top quality Cape at a reasonable price

Bill Keough has worked hard to produce high quality genetic hackle at an affordable price, and his hackles are a tremendous value. His Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Cape has taken the fly tying world by storm due to its quality, feather count and low price. As an all purpose dry fly cape for flies size 4 – 16 it is an unbeatable value. For those who tie flies smaller than 16’s, Bill recently introduced his Keough Master Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Cape which is sure to be the “go to” cape for many fly tyers.

Ideal for small dry flies

The Keough Master Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Capeis ideal for tying tiny dry flies and midges down to size 22 and smaller. This cape has so many usable feathers smaller than size 18 that it strongly competes with #1 grade genetic capes from other suppliers costing significantly more. Two features that set Keough hackles apart from other competitors is the barb density of each feather as well as their flexibility of the hackles themselves. Bill Keough recognized long ago that these two properties are imperative to tying high quality flies, so he genetically bred his birds to have these traits. The end result is hackles that remain flexible and retain their barb density even after the processes of bleaching and dying.


Keough Dry Fly Capes are available in the following colors: Use CBA for Keough Master Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Cape.
Use CB1 for Keough Tyer’s Grade Dry Fly Cape.

  • Excellent quality and value
  • Flexible stems and great barb density
  • Generous feather counts per cape
  • Tie hundreds of flies
  • Available in 13 colors