Kiptail (aka Calftail) is a very versatile fly tying material commonly used for hair wings and tails on flies and jigs.  This is a natural product and as such the size, hair thickness, and color can vary from one tail to another.Kiptail (Calftail)


 Wapsi Kiptail is available in the following colors:

KIP227     Natural Brown

KIP001     White

KIP006     Yellow

KIP012     Orange

KIP041     Tan

KIP045     Root Beer

KIP047     Brown

KIP056     Red

KIP072     Green

KIP082     Blue

KIP089     Olive

KIP092     Purple

KIP100     Black

KIP103     Pink

KIP125     Pearl Gray

KIP137     Shad Gray

KIP169     Olive Green

KIP501     Fl. Red

KIP502     Fl. Yellow

KIP503     Fl. Orange

KIP504     Fl. White

KIP505     Fl. Fire Orange

KIP506     Fl. White

KIP507     Fl. Blue

KIP509     Fl. Chartreuse

KIP510     Fl. Pink