Metz Products

About Metz     
Founded in 1972, Metz was the first feather producer to provide high quality hackle commercially to the fly tying industry.  For over Forty years, Metz legendary quality has maintained itself as the standard by which all other hackle is compared.

A Little History     
Metz’s contributions to the development of genetic hackle started in 1972 when Buck Metz received a gift of 144 eggs from Andy Miner, a Minnesota lawyer who earlier received eggs from the famous commercial Catskill fly tier Harry Darbee.   Thru careful breeding Miner made improvements to the original Darbee bloodlines.  Following the lead of Darbee and Miner, Metz also continued to make improvements to the breed.

Metz was instrumental at producing feathers that were consistent in size, color, and quality.  This consistency made Metz products very popular among fly tyers and fly factories who needed high quality hackle.

Today, Metz is the world’s second largest producer of commercial hackle and continues to be a pioneer in the development of genetically engineered hackle.  Wapsi is proud to offer the following Metz products:

Metz Cock Necks

Ideal for dry flies, Metz Cock Necks are some of the world’s finest dry fly hackle.

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Metz Cock Saddles

Perfect for Woolly Buggers, wet flies of all types and saltwater flies Metz Cock Saddles are very versatile.  Many tyers also use them for tying dry flies due to the long feather length, stem flexibility, and consistent barb length.

cock saddle medium dun





Metz Micro Barb Cock Saddles

Fly tyers who tie small streamers, wet flies, and parachute dry flies will love these saddles.  These saddles have the longest, most narrow feathers.  It is not uncommon to tie 4 to 6 flies with a single feather.
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Metz Hen Necks & Saddles

These feathers are very versatile and work great for traditional wet flies, steelhead and salmon flies, Matuka style streamers, bass bugs, and for wings and tails on dry flies.