Midge Mirage

Streamers, nymphs, dry flies – the uses are endless

Midge Mirage is a fine diameter twisted Mylar fiber with chameleon like reflectivity and maximum flash. It is an awesome material to blend with bucktail on Clouser Minnows and other saltwater flies or when used in place of any other flash material.

Midge Mirage makes great spinner wings on dry flies. The opal coloration of the fibers closely resembles that of a mayfly spinner. Due to the fine diameter of the material it can be used to tie even the smallest Trico and Baetis spinners. Midge Mirage makes a great shellback for a scud or flashback wing case for a nymph.


  • Mirror-Like reflective qualities
  • Twisted fiber for optimal flash
  • Perfect for flies of all sizes