Hen Necks

Hen Necks make great spent wings and parachute posts. Also, try them on your smallest soft hackles.

Streamer Rooster Necks

Streamer Rooster Necks are available in natural, dyed over white and dyed barred. Hackle is a standard staple in every...

Bass/Saltwater Rooster Necks

Bass/Saltwater Rooster Necks have long, wide, webby hackles that are great for bass and saltwater projects. These grizzly necks have...

Salmon Fly Hen Necks

Salmon Fly Hen Necks are an excellent substitute for illegal, exotic plumage. Use these necks for traditional salmon fly patterns.

Universal Necks

Great for trout flies, bass flies, and saltwater flies Universal Necks are the closest thing there is to an “all-around”...