Flashabou® Mirage

The mirror-like reflective qualities and color shifting properties of the Flashabou® Mirage create an iridescent, chameleon effect. Also available in...

Flashabou® Accent

Flashabou® Accent is made of spiraled mylar strands. The twist creates optical color illusions and great light reflections.

Flashabou® Mirage Blends

A blend of opal Mirage and Flashabou® are the components of the Flashabou® Mirage Blends.

Micro Flashabou®

The Micro Flashabou® is only 1/100 of an inch wide instead of the traditional 1/69″. Although much narrower, thickness has...

Speckled Flashabou®

Speckled Flashabou® uses the same base color as tradional Flashabou® but with minute spots of black.

Mirage Sheets

Custom cut wings and bodies can be made from the Mirage Sheets. It changes in different lighting and backgrounds to...