Terra Deluxe Dubbing Tool


Terra Deluxe Dubbing Tool Dubbing Tool Instructions 2 Dubbing Tool Instructions 3
This tool has three interchangable heads. Use (A) for size 16 or smaller flies, (B) for size 8 to 14 flies, and (C) for flies size 6 or larger. Make a 4 to 6 inch loop opposite the barb of the hook. Wrap the thread forward to just behind the eye of the hook. Put the tool head into the loop as shown. Fill the dubbing loop with dubbing as shown.
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Twist or spin the head on the dubbing tool clockwise to twist the thread and lock in the hair fibers. Twist until a rope is formed. Wrap the rope forward on the hook using the dubbing tool. When you advance to your thread tie down the rope with your tying thread and trim off the waste. Your are now finished with the dubbing tool. Now resume tying the remainder of the fly with your fly tying thread