Terra Fly Tying Vises

Great products at great prices.

Terra tools offer you a great product at a great price and the Terra vises are no different. They are the ideal first vise for the beginning fly tyer and offer performance features that are attractive to the more advanced tyer.

The Super AA Vise is our best selling vise and the one we use in many fly tying kits. It is available in either black or stainless steel. The hardened steel jaws and easy to use cam adjustment firmly holds hooks ranging in size from 2/0 to 20.
The Mini AA Travel Vise is a reduced sized version of this same vise and is perfect for travel. Although it is a little lighter in weight, it holds the same range of hook sizes as its big brother the Super AA.

The hardened steel jaws of the Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise can be rotated 360 degrees for winding materials and viewing. The jaws easily open and close by simply squeezing a lever for hook release. This vise is a great choice for anyone tying a lot of large flies such as bass flies or saltwater flies since it firmly holds hooks as large as 4/0 while still working great with hooks as small as size 20. The extra-large c-clamp fits even on thick tables. Although an economically priced vise, this vise is used in many fly production factories worldwide.

The Rotary Vise offers important features to tyers who primary focus on tying trout flies. The vise arm holding the jaws is articulated allowing up and down movement in addition to its 360-degree rotation. This is extremely helpful when tying small flies because the fly can be positioned in the most comfortable position for the tyer – allowing plenty of finger clearance while tying. The two-part jaws are fully adjustable allowing the vise to accept hooks of nearly every size. The vise also comes supplied with a handy bobbin cradle and extra-large c-clamp.

The Deluxe Master Vise is a traditionally styled, rotating, cam action vise that offers an adjustable head angle pivot in addition to full rotary capability. It has a black, no-glare finish, and comes with a large table clamp.

The Super II Vise comes with hardened jaws and adjustments are simple and easy. It has a black, no-glare finish and comes with a c-clamp for easy attachment to almost any table.

The Super A and Fly King Vises are our two most economically priced fly tying vises and are a great value. Both vises are very easy to adjust and hold hooks ranging in size from size 2 to 18.

The Silverado Vise is a fully adjustable, cam action vise with a pivoting head. It offers full 360-degree rotation capabilities and comes standard with two sets of jaws. The small jaw is for trout and panfish sized flies while the large jaw is best for bass and saltwater flies. It also comes with an extra-large c-clamp for easy attachment to almost any table.

Terra Fly Tying Vises

  • Good value and performance
  • Perfect for beginners and fly tying kits
  • Hardened steel jaws and X-Large C-clamps
  • 9 models to choose from