The “Beadzer” Tool

  • Indispensable at the tying bench.
  • Makes delicate beadwork a breeze.
  • More flies in your fly box!
  • Eventually pays for itself.

No more lost beads or pricked fingers.

At times, fly tying can be very frustrating. For example, trying to put a bead on a hook occasionally results in a hook point being imbedded in your finger. More often, the tiny bead is dropped to the floor, and you spend quite a bit of time searching for it. Sometimes the bead can be found, but, just as often, most of us give up looking for it after an inconvenient search.

Those days are over thanks to the Beadzer, reverse action tweezers, made specifically to hold tiny beads. The Beadzer’s fine cupped points make delicate beadwork a breeze, allowing you to easily grasp a single bead and put it on the hook.

More flies in your fly box.

Less time looking for beads on the floor will equal more flies tied in your fly box. The Beadzer will eventually pay for itself when you consider the cost of lost beads (especially tungsten beads) and lost time looking for dropped beads.

Give the Beadzer XW01 a try. We believe it is an indispensable fly tying tool that will make tying flies with tiny beads much more enjoyable.