Tom Schmuecker Inducted into the ASUMH Trout Nature Center Trout Hall of Fame

Tom award

Mountain Home, AR  —  April 26, 2013 — Wapsifly, Inc. is pleased to announce that owner, Tom Schmuecker, was recently inducted into the ASUMH Trout Nature Center’s Trout Hall of Fame.  Previous inductees include well known fishing and conservation pioneers Forrest Wood, Joan Wulff, Dave Whitlock, Dr. Robert Behnke, and Jim Gaston.

Throughout his career, Tom has received numerous awards for his contributions to the fishing industry:
1995 Federation of Fly Fisher (FFF) Lee Wulff award for Innovative Business
1996 FFF Fly Tyer of the Year Award
2007 FFF Friends of the Southern Council Award
2007 North American Fly Fishing Sowbug Appreciation Award
2009 Great Lake Council President’s Award

Tom Schmuecker is a true pioneer of  the fly tying industry.  His contributions to fly tying have influenced every material we use and every fly tied in production today.

About the Trout Nature Center
The mission of the ASUMH (Arkansas State University Mountain Home) Trout Nature Center is to educate the public about all aspects of trout ecology and conservation.  More information about the Trout Nature Center can be found at or on Facebook at