Use the Bobbin

Proper set up of the bobbin and wrapping technique will allow you to tie good flies in a very short amount of time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Adjusting the bobbin Threading the bobbin Holding the bobbin
Adjust the tension by bending the arms of the bobbin. Bend them until there is just enough tension to hold the spool so that the spool turns without breaking the thread. To thread the bobbin, cut the thread and place it inside the tube. Hold the bobbin (with the spool at 12:00) and suck the thread down and out through the tube. Grasp the bobbin as shown. Notice the bottom three fingers can apply additional tension to the spool by squeezing. At no time are your fingers to be on the thread.
Wrapping with the bobbin Controling the bobbin Keeping the thread from breaking
When wrapping, always wrap away from you and over the top of the hook. Keep the bobbin parallel to and no more than 1″ to 2″ away from the hook shank. The closer it is to the hook shank, the more control you will have. Do not let the thread wrap around the arms of the bobbin. This will increase the tension on the thread, and could cause it to break.
Holding while tying off material Wrapping thread for tying off material Trimming the material
When tying off a material, let your bobbin hang downward and hold up the material with your right hand. Grasp the bobbin with your opposite hand and pass the thread over the material several times. This will secure the material, and your hands will not cross one another. Trim the tag end of the material and make a few more wraps of thread to secure the material to the hook shank.