UTC Dubbing Brush Wire

Save time at your fly tying bench.

Tying buggy fly bodies using traditional dubbing techniques can be time consuming and can waste a lot of material. One short-cut that many fly tyers are now doing to save time and create great looking nymphs and streamers is to use a pre-made dubbing brush.

A dubbing brush is simply a short section of fine diameter wire into which dubbing fur (or hair) has been twisted to lock in the hair. The size of the brush and coarseness of the hair can be custom tailored to the desire of the fly tyer. Many tyers like to mix a combination of cut flash material in with the hair for a unique look.

Our Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool makes creating dubbing brushes out of any dubbing material fun, fast, and easy.


  • Perfect size for dubbing brushes
  • Super soft, nickel plated copper wire
  • 50 yard spool