UTC Thread Box


The best way to organize spooled fly tying products.

utc spool boxIf you ask 10 fly tyers how they store and organize their materials you’ll likely receive 10 different answers.  Fly tyers are constantly looking for solutions to their materials storage issues.  Many fly tyers store their excess spooled products in a zip-lock bag or loosely in a box of some type.  While this works fine initially it doesn’t take long for the material on the spools to tangle – leaving a big, jumbled mess. Our UTC thread box is the designed to be the solution to this problem.




closeup of spool

Holds, Organizes, and Dispenses 40-Spools

The foam insert in the box designed to hold spools firmly, yet allow for the dispensing of wire and tinsel without the need of removing the spool from the insert.

The clear lid on the box makes it easy to find the spool you are looking for.

If you need a solution to your spool storage problems consider trying our UTC Thread Box – it just may be what you’ve been looking for.