Product Feature: Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas season quickly approaching we thought it might be helpful to highlight some items that make great Christmas gifts:


Fly Tying Kits

There is no better gift for an aspiring fly tyer than a fly tying kit and our kits are the best on the market!  Each kit is designed to make fly tying easy and fun.


Our kits come with either the Wapsi Fly Tying Handbook or the Wapsi Fly Tying D.V.D – excellent step-by-step instructions for learning basic fly tying fundamentals.


Each kit comes with all the tools and materials to tie the flies featured in the instructions.


Click here if you’d like to learn more about our fly tying kits.





Fly Boxes

Fly Fishermen never seem to have enough fly boxes.  When we aren’t carrying our flies in them on the stream we use them at home to store and organize our flies.


The most popular boxes we’ve sold over the last several years have been our Ultra-Thin boxes – at only ½” thick they hold a ton of flies and do so in a small amount of space.


If you are a fly tyer then consider giving someone a box of flies you’ve tied yourself.



Gadgets & Tools

These items make great stocking stuffers.  Items such as our tippet rings, Anglers Image Line Clipper, and Infrared Stream Thermometers (to name just a few) are popular gift items.  Consider popping a few fly fishing gadgets into your fly fisherman’s stocking this year.

Dave Whitlock Signature products

A few years ago we teamed up with our friend, well-known author, artist, and fly fisherman Dave Whitlock to produce a series of mugs, notecards, coasters, and license plates featuring Dave’s incredible artwork.  These items have been hugely popular during the Christmas season and they make great gifts for any fly fisher.

Gift Certificates

Most retail and online fly shops sell gift certificates – if you are unsure what to get for a fly fisherman a gift certificate makes a great gift.

Click here to find the Wapsi dealer nearest you.


Fly Tying Instruction / Fly Fishing School Instruction / Guided Fishing Trip

Most retail fly shops offer instructional classes and/or guided fishing trips to their customers.

Do you have any additional gift ideas?  If so we’d be interested to hear about them on our Facebook page.