Product Feature: Wapsi Elite Scissors

We are proud to introduce the finest pair of fly tying scissors ever offered to fly tyers.


Designed by a collaborative effort between the fly tying professionals at Wapsi and the master craftsmen at Renomed, each pair of scissors is made to our exacting specifications using modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and “old world” craftsmanship.


Here’s what makes this an elite product:










Made with the Best Materials

All Renomed products are made of the highest quality stainless steel.  These are surgical quality instruments.  Renomed is recognized as being one of the world’s best manufacturers of surgical quality, precision made scissors.




Expert Craftsmanship & Design

Every scissor is hand-shaped, hand-hardened, hand-ground, sharpened and adjustable.  This is all done manually by expert craftsmen to ensure the highest precision and quality.

Renomed has received several prestigious awards for their unique shape, proprietary sharpening technology, and manufacturing techniques.

Click on the link or QR code below to view a short video showing the craftsmen at Renomed in action: Scissors










Made to Wapsi’s Specifications

The difference between a great product and an “elite” product can often be found in small details.

Renomed’s stock scissors are great products and would meet most individuals’ needs – but serious fly tyers appreciate fine details so we asked Renomed to make two scissors to our exacting specifications.  Our Wapsi Elite Scissors are the end result.  Here are the key features of these scissors:



Fine Tips & Blade Dimensions:  The dimensions of the tips of the scissors are critical.  The blade needs to not only be fine at the tip but it needs to be the correct dimensions to ensure it cuts a wide variety of materials without excess flexing.  Our Elite Scissors are available in both a straight and curved blade model.



Blade Serrations:  Our scissors have a single, micro-serrated blade and a knife edge blade.  That combination is excellent for cutting a variety of fly tying materials.  We’ve asked Renomed to make the micro-serrations to our specs to ensure the scissors are the most precise cutting fly tying instruments made.



Blade Sharpening:  Because all of Renomed’s scissors are made by hand by skilled craftsmen you can expect razor-sharp blades for the life of the scissors.




Large Finger Loops:  Surgical scissors are held in the hand by the user differently than fly tying scissors and thus flex and cut differently.  Our scissors have larger finger loops and a shorter mid-section so the scissors fit the hand comfortably and do not flex too much when cutting materials.  The feel of these scissors in the hand is amazing.


If you are a fly tyer that appreciates “the best” then these scissors are made with you in mind.



Our Elite Scissors are available both in a straight blade and a curved blade model:


XSFS20     Wapsi Elite Fly Tying Scissor, 4″ Curved Blade

XSFS21      Wapsi Elite Fly Tying Scissor, 4″ Straight Blade

More about Renomed:

RENOMED Technika Medyczna Marek Ruciński was established in 1981 as a sole proprietorship. In the same year, Donata Rucińska designed our unique scissors, which later became our signature product. The company is based in Poznań and employs ten craftsmen.

In 2011, Renomed was transformed into a limited liability company. Thanks to almost 35 years of experience in the production of surgical instruments, careful quality control throughout the production process and unique design (own patents and utility models), our products boast the finest quality.

Today, more than 90% of our products are exported to more than 15 countries across the globe. Our key export markets include Switzerland and Germany followed by Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan and the Czech Republic.

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