Product Feature: Anglers Image Instant Sink Tips


Every now and then a product comes along that just makes life easier – or in this case just makes fishing easier.


Our Anglers Image Instant Sink Tips allow you to quickly, and easily add a temporary sinking tip to your fly line without the need to buy an extra spool for your fly reel.


Being only a few feet in length they cast well with most weight forward lines and help get a bulky streamer or nymph down in fast moving water.


They are particularly useful when used for “banging the banks” with streamers or large wet flies.





The sink tips connect to the fly line via a loop-to-loop connection.









Now tie a perfection loop in one end of a 3′ to 4′ piece of tippet material.







The tippet can now be looped to the second loop of the sink tip as shown at left.






The 4’ sink tip (item #BLS1000) is made with Class III sinking line which has been over braided for durability and minimal hinging when casting.  The sink rate of the Class III head is 3” per second and it is an ideal choice for 3-5 weight fly lines and fishing small streamers and wet flies.

The 5’ sink tip (item #BLS2000) is made with Class IV sinking line and sinks at 4” per second.  It is at its best with 6-8 weight fly lines and larger streamers.

The 6’ sink tip (item #BLS300) is made with Class V sinking line and sinks at 5” per second.  This head is best with 8wt or larger fly line sizes.

Although the text above suggests specific line weights for each head length most casters can learn to modify their casting stroke to use heavier tips on lighter rods or to combine two sink tips on heavier rods.  They key to doing so is to slow down your casting stroke and widen your casting loop.  If casting a long distance is critical to the fishing situations you face then you would be better served with a factory made sink-tip, full sinking line, or shooting head system because they are designed to keep a tight loop at a longer distance.  For most of us, under normal fishing conditions, the Instant Sink Tips cast just fine and work great at getting the fly down in heavy current.  Give ‘em a try, they just might make your fishing a little easier this year.