Whip Finishing


Whip Finishing Figure 1 1) Hold the Whip Finish Tool in your hand trapping the ball located just above the handle between thumb and index finger. (This prevents the tool from turning.) While holding the tool in this manner, position the head of the tool on tying thread as shown in Figure 1.
2) Bring bobbin and thread up toward the middle of the hook shank. The thread should be positioned very close to the hook shank as in Figure 2. Whip Finishing Figure 2
Whip Finishing Figure 3 3) Release the ball that has been trapped between your thumb and index finger. This will allow the head of the tool to rotate to the position shown in Figure 3.
4)Lift tool up and toward the hook as if to wrap thread onto the hook. While doing this, move the bobbin toward you. Maintain thread tension on bobbin. You should now have formed a thread triangle between points A, B, and C. See Figure 4. Rotate the tool forward, (away from you), wrapping the thread between point A and C around the hook shank as in Figure 4.4a) When the thread has been wrapped an adequate amount of times (3 to 5 turns), the tool has to then be released from the knot. To do this, first finish wrapping the thread so the hook (Point A) on the head of the tool is facing straight upward as in Figure 4. Whip Finishing Figure 4
Whip Finishing Figure 5 5) Now move your tool so that the tool is in the position shown in Figure 5. This motion will allow the heel of the tool (Point B) to release from the thread triangle.
6) The thread is now held by the hook portion of the tool (Point A) as in Figure 6. Apply a little extra tension to the bobbin and release a little tension on the tool. The thread should pull through the knot, pulling the tool toward the hook and knot. When the tool is just resting on the hook, tip the tool handle to release the tool hook from the knot. Apply just enough pressure to the bobbin to just snug the knot. Repeat the above process if any additional whip finish knots are desired. When you are done, trim thread and apply Wapsi head cement. Whip Finishing Figure 6