UTC Flashback Tinsel

Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

  • U.V. Blue color
  • Natural Iridescence
  • Great for flashback nymphs and scuds
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Ultra Tinsel

Ultra Tinsel

  • Excellent for classic streamer patterns and flashback nymphs
  • Wraps flat and strong
  • Available in 7 different varieties in as many as 4 sizes and 10 colors





A staple on the fly tying bench

Many classic fly patterns such as the Black-nosed Dace and Muddler Minnow call for a body made with flat tinsel. Unlike the tinsels of yesteryear, Ultra Tinsel is very strong and wraps perfectly flat, making beautiful, durable bodies. In addition to being used on traditional streamer patterns, Ultra Tinsel is ideal for flashback nymphs, midges, and saltwater flies. The uses of Ultra Tinsel are as broad as the imagination of the fly tyer.


Not just gold or silver

Ultra Tinsel is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including special reflective properties, holographic patterns, glow-in-the-dark properties, and two-tone finishes.


French Tinsel This is real French Tinsel. We import and spool our own. A top quality, classic varnished, metallic tinsel, it Will not tarnish.


Holographic Tinsel brightens up flashback nymphs. This is a bright 3-D holographic tinsel. Use for tinsel body streamers like the Black-nosed Dace and Muddler Minnow. Holographic Tinsel


Flashback Tinsel Designed for flashback nymphs, Flashback Tinsel is a 1/16″ flat tinsel in a great range of colors.


Our Flat Mylar Tinsel is a two-tone tinsel with gold on one side and silver on the other. Flat Mylar Tinsel


Glow Tinsel Juice up your night fishing patterns by replacing regular tinsel with Glow Tinsel. It glows in the dark.


A first of its kind tying material that is perfect for flashbacks, Mirage Tinsel is a reflective tinsel with color shifting, mirror-like properties. It creates an iridescent, chameleon effect. Mirage Tinsel


Pearl Tinsel Pearl Tinsel can be used in place of flat mylar to give a pearlescent effect. Good for flashbacks.

Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

The new kid on the block

Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel is the newest addition to the UTC family of threads and tinsels. Its U.V. cool blue color looks awesome on the back of a scud or flashback nymph or when overwrapped over a midge body.

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