Chernobyl Ant

Tying Instructions

The Chernobyl Ant is a very effective, buoyant, easy to see attractor dry fly that was popularized in the Western United States. Many fly tyers use a piece of bright foam on top of the fly as an indicator and fish nymphs below it on a dropper rig. It can be tied in a wide range of sizes and colors so do not hesitate to experiment.

Materials Needed:

NH3 Lightning Strike dry fly hook
140 Denier Ultra Thread
Three(3) colors of Flat Foam
Round Rubber

Instruction picture 1 Instruction picture 2 Instruction picture 3
Insert the hook and wrap your thread to a position on the shank opposite the barb. Tie in a 1/2″ X 1/4″ strip of orange foam (slightly longer than the hook) as shown. Make at least 6 to 8 thread wraps to secure the foam. Directly on top of the orange foam, tie in a 1/4″ wide strip of black foam. The black strip should be the same length as the orange strip you previously tied in.
Instruction picture 4 Instruction picture 5 Instruction picture 6
At the same tie in point, tie in a 1/8″ X 1/2″ long yellow strip of foam. This will become an indicator that you can easily see while the fly is on the water. Now tie in two pieces of tan round rubber. Manipulate the legs so that two(2) legs are on each side of the fly. This will make an X shape when you look down upon the fly from the top. Wrap your thread slightly up the hook shank. Pull the orange foam forward and tie it down, forming a hump. Continue this procedure, making several humps, until your thread is just behind the hook eye as shown.
Instruction picture 7 Instruction picture 8 Instruction picture 9
Pull the black foam strip tight over the top of the orange foam and tie it down as shown. Repeat steps for tying in the yellow strip of foam (indicator) and two pieces of tan round rubber. Finish the fly with a whip finish knot. Trim the foam and rubber legs to the desired length and shape. The finished fly is shown above.