Collectors Fly Presentation Box

A unique way to display your fly patterns.

The staff of Wapsi is often called to tie flies at fly fishing conclaves and fly tying exhibits. Over the course of a normal day we give away a lot of flies and we have found that there is no better way to give away our flies than to put them in this unique presentation box.

When we developed this box our goal was to create a box that was large enough for bass bugs and streamers yet not too large for trout flies. Measuring 2 1/2″ x 3″ the box is ideal for all but large saltwater flies.

Each box has a durable water resistant fiber top with a clear plastic viewing window. The bottom of the box is made of clear plastic and the insert is tan felt. On the insert there are 4 small slits that are designed to hold a business card. Inside the box is a flat foam surface to hold a finished fly.

  • Showcase your best fly patterns
  • Attach your business card to the back
  • Great for fly tying exhibits and as a gift