Foam Spider Kit



The Foam Spider is one of the deadliest fly patterns ever created for catching panfish (bream).  





This kit includes:

(24) Premium quality Lightning Strike Dry Fly Hooks

Round rubber in two colors.

Clear, step-by-step instruction.











Here is a sample of the instructions for tying this great fly pattern:


PFK03 Tying Instruction 1 PFK03 Tying Instruction 2 PFK03 Tying Instruction 3
Start the thread at the middle of the hook shank. Tie the spider body onto the hook as shown. Take two strands of round rubber and tie them on top of the spider body at the center of the hook.
PFK03 Tying Instruction 4 PFK03 Tying Instruction 5 PFK03 Tying Instruction 6
Pull up slightly on the front of the spider body and wrap your thread up the hook shank to just behind the eye. Do not wrap over spider body. Tie down the front of the spider body. This will make the head of your spider. Whip finish. Trim the round rubber to the length you desire. Pull the strands of round rubber apart to form the legs and position them as shown. The fly is now finished.