Killer Caddis Beads

A multitude of uses and a huge selection to choose from

Our Killer Caddis Beads are made in Japan and are of the highest quality made. Japanese glass beads have a reputation of being the most uniform in size, shape and color with few, if any, imperfections – this is especially important to the fly tyer who specializes in tying small flies.

  • The highest quality Japanese beads available
  • Perfect uniformity of size, shape, and color
  • 37 colors available in 5 sizes and 4 different varieties
  • Packaged in a handy reusable flip-top container

Killer Caddis Beads are available in 4 varieties:

The (TR) Transparent beads are transparent throughout the bead.
The (CC) Color Core beads are transparent on the outside but have an opaque color in the center.
The (OP) Opaque beads are solid in color throughout.
The (MT) Metallic beads resemble plated brass beads in appearance but are much lighter in weight since they are made of glass.